Surrender is a game about sensation for three players. Two players called “Pleasers” compete to entice the “Sensor” to their side through touch and sensation within a time limit of 1 minute.


The goal for the Pleasers is to entice the Sensor to their side. The Sensor’s goal is purely to reflect on and enjoy the sensations.


First choose who will start as the Sensor and the two Pleasers. 3 rounds are recommended so that everybody gets to be the Sensor.


Then mark where the Sensor is standing. The side of the mark the Sensor ends up on after the round determines which Pleaser wins.

Next, the Sensor exposes their forearms and closes their eyes. The Pleasers line up behind the Sensor.

Set a timer to 1 minute. (Ideally someone outside the game does this, but otherwise the Sensor can do this and put the timer in his/her pocket.)


Surrender relies on trust between you as players, so please respect and take care of each other.


Before you start decide if you are going to use Objects or Hands to create sensations on the Sensor’s forearms. It is recommended to start with Objects and, when you feel ready, progress to Hands.

Objects: During play use any object you find around or on you to create sensations on the Sensors forearms. No direct skin contact is allow. Of course, do not use anything that can cause bodily arm to the Sensor.

Hands: The Pleasers may only use their own hands and forearms to create sensations. This tends to be more intimate as it involves direct touch.