Surrender at IndieCade Europe

Johannes and Zack went to Paris on November 18th and 19th to present Surrender as one of IndieCade‘s official selections. Johannes also showed his alternative controller Smooch Station, and Zack showed his game Monster Garden at IndieCade’s Show & Tell.


Surrender at Playful Arts Festival

Johannes and Zack went to Den Bosch in the Netherlands to present Surrender on June 3rd, 2016. We played in a park near the event venue.


Surrendering at F.R.O.G. in Vienna

After a presentation by Sara about the design process, the three of us led a few rounds of Surrender in an open space in the back of the room where the talks were given (a beautiful conference room in the Vienna city hall).

As usual there were lots of interesting discussions afterwards about intimacy and sensation, and we were glad to be able to share the joy of surrendering once again.

Thanks to everyone who came and decided to play. There were many other great talks at the event, too!

[Maybe pics coming soon?]



Sarah has been invited to talk at FROG Vienna about Surrender. Frog is short for Future and Reality of Gaming.

The talk will be titled “Body, Senses and Play: The making of a physical game”.

We are all looking forward to an interisting conference.


Joining JOIN!

Johannes and Zack presented Surrender at JOIN, the local multiplayer gaming summit held in Berlin for the second year in a row on August 1st, 2015. After their five minute talk in the morning, they played the game twice in the afternoon with around 20 players each time.

Players held hands in a circle to build intimacy while listening to the instructions. The rounds went well, and afterwards people discussed physical games, intimacy in games, and other points in game design.

Surrender vines from JOIN by the_nomi:


Thank you Lyst!

Lyst 2015 was an extraordinary and wonderful experience. We met each other (and many other inspiring people) and had a baby: Surrender.

If you are in anyway interested in exploring the field of love, sex and relationship through play and games, Lyst Summit is the place to go. Even if you have never worked with games before. They value different backgrounds and life experiences.