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Surrender was designed at Lyst 2015 by Sarah Homewood (UK), Zack Wood (US), Johannes Følsgaard (DK) and Olli Harjola (FIN).

After Lyst Johannes, Zack and Sarah has fallen in love with physical games and has decided to push Surrender and parallel founding the Body Play Network.

If you want to contact us shoot an email to surrenderthegame (at)

* Who are these people? *

She has a background in dance and studies Interaction Design at Malmö University. Recently got into game design and playfullness. From Bristol, Enland, now based in Malmö.

Lives in Berlin after four years in Japan. Originally from Athens, US. Studied Japanese and makes a living translating. Whenever there is time he use it to do games and attend play festivals and game jams alike.

Based in Copenhagen. He has paused his studies in Communication and IT to work with games and playfullness. Recently got into Contact Impro Dance and founded Game Collective Oobelck Oobelck.

Its kind a ironic that we mostly just are able to meet via video calls, when we all so much appriciate the physicallity of our bodies. Ah well, thats modern life.     From right: Sarah, Zack, Johannes